Hibon TS.XL Series Truck Blowers

TS.XL Series Dry Bulk Truck Blowers

With over a century of experience in manufacturing positive displacement blowers, Ingersoll Rand, the
worldwide leader in Three-Lobe technology, has developed a complete range of heavy-duty industrial
units designed specifically for the toughest dry bulk transfer applications.

Dry Bulk Transfer Solutions

TS.XL blowers integrate state-of-the-art Three-Lobe technology with a rugged compact design engineered specifically for the most demanding truck and transfer applications.

Easy to Install

TS.XL was designed for ease of installation and can accommodate virtually any dry bulk transfer vehicle.

Three Lobe Design

Superior performance and quiet operation together with unsurpassed reliability make TS.XL the blower of choice with fleet managers to operators in the dry bulk transfer industry. TS.XL is also pressure and vacuum capable.

Quiet, Efficient Operation

The combined action of Three-Lobe impellers and pulsation control ports delivers superior noise attenuation performance. TS.XL noise levels are typically 10 dB lower than two lobe competitors.

Hibon PD Blower Repair

Our PD Blower technicians will rebuild your unit to Hibon specifications. Fraserwoods is a Hibon warranty repair center.

Hibon Manuals & Technical Documents

Browse our Document Library and download Hibon manuals, technical data sheets, and specifications

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