Hibon SIAV 840 PD Blower

Hibon SIAV 840 PD Blower

SIAV 840 Series Pre-Inlet Blowers

The SIAV 840 is self cooling, requiring no vacuum relief valve and is designed for continuous industrial use, 24 hours a day. The self-cooling design enables warm gasses to be handled and eliminates or reduces the need for precooling.

The Hibon SIAV series are the only dry positive displacement blowers capable of attaining 28” Hg vacuum/93% vacuum. The design provides for oil free and water free operation. Readily adaptable as a replacement unit, SIAV series blowers are available in various configurations, e.g. high or low shaft, counter or clockwise rotation.


  • Heavy-duty bearing holders on thrust end for more axial load capability.
  • Helical gears located on the drive side for more input torque capability.
  • Five bearing with drive shaft roller bearing suitable for V-belt and direct drives.
  • Large oil sumps for improved bearing lubrication.
  • Shafts are keyed to the lobes. High tensile steel provides superior resistance and minimum flexion.
  • Trilobes for smoother operation with less vibration and pulsating noise.
  • Piston ring seals for lifetime reliability.
  • Oil thrower and oil passages for good bearing lubrication and long life.
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